A plagiarism detector is a software application that is specifically designed to ensure certain things that an article work being published on the internet is original content and the content shows it copied from another article that is already published on the internet. In which a plagiarism tool is not always required, but for some web management companies required to determine the content uniqueness.  A Plagiarism checker helps the writer, author and other individuals who publish their work on the web, books and other media from making a mistake and being falsely accused copying the work of another author or writer. Many times when a freelance writer or students is composing a research paper or an article for the publication they write the content in such a manner that closely resembles the works of another writer, i.e. keeping the writing work of another writer as a basic the student or freelancer writer creates their own content.

When this happens then, the first author publication is referred to be the free plagiarism checker that is used to verify the work and when your article is found to be unique then the plagiarism checker tool will show a notification message that “the content is 100% unique”. In which the free plagiarism checker tool is no less reliable than one that you pay money to download the tool, moreover the free plagiarism checker is provided to you by the same companies who offer the tool for pay. The only difference between the free and payable plagiarism checker tool is that the amount of material that you send through for plagiarism checking.  In which there is no difference in the amount of reliability between the free and pay version of the plagiarism checker.

How to choose a plagiarism checker on online

If you work as a content writer, researcher or running the website, then the epidemic of the plagiarism and duplication has become a concern for you. Fortunately, there is a number of tools are available online at free of cost and payable that helps you in plagiarism detection and checking. Online plagiarism checker helps the writer to detect plagiarism from the content and it highlights the part of the text that is copied or published somewhere on the web. Using this kind of plagiarism tools will help you to get rid out of the plagiarism content and help you in creating a genuine unique content for your book or website. The following are some of the steps that will help you to choose the right plagiarism software for checking your content. They are.

  • Ease access to the tool
  • Look to use the popular brand of the plagiarism checker tool
  • Check the number of sources that the tool has scanned in its history
  • Check whether the software has to be downloaded and installed

However, every person has their own needs requirements and needs for using the application where it might b important for you to consider the cost and accuracy, so while consider the right plagiarism checker software make sure that it contains all points before finally using any software for checking the plagiarism.

Written by
Buena Athas