About Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings is a healing reading that helps to connect with Angels and Spirit Guides to listen and know about the specific information that they have in store for you, get your chakra balance and tune up your channel. Through the Clairvoyant Readings one can get clarity about your current life situation and hence a better perspective about your future life. It helps to increase your personal empowerment. The alchemists, healers, mystics and psychics help you to connect with your potentiality and thus help you to heal yourself and reach your dreams and goals. These healers help the visitors to look forward to their path with purpose and self-realisation after the sessions. Some Australian healers use Afdøde kontakt også telefonisk for their reading to tell the visitors about their blocks and unwanted tones in their life. This Clairvoyant reading not reads the future but helps to clear all the blocks, unwanted tones and vibration between the two and provide clear understanding of where you stand. Releasing these negative energies helps to heal your body, mind, soul and spirit to the core.

Elements Used in Clairvoyant Healing

The Clairvoyant readers take care of themselves, meditate and prioritize their wellness to perform their skills at their best during various sessions.  These Clairvoyant healers use various items like crystals, energy stones, love spell candles, spiritual candles, holy candles, zamzam water, incense stone burners, tarot cards, books, incense, sage, Palo Santo, aroma therapy products, statues, jewellery, cultural arti-facts and many more.

Some Clairvoyant healers as part of their first session begin with ‘Rose’ as their symbol for reading to fill their reading with essence. This is called ‘Rose Reading’. The flower acts as your spiritual light, the rose hip is your communication and its stem are your grounding. This Rose Reading is followed by ‘Aura Reading’. The Aura reading looks for the seven chakras or energy centres of your body. They go layer by layer to listen to all what the spirit wants to say in the form of symbols, colours, videos, feeling or sounds. The reading here is very unique. This reading is followed by visitors one to two open questions off limits. The healer can see pictures and symbols that acts as guidance for the answers. These reading and recorded for listening later to experience your healing again.

The past life readings give more clarity, by releasing all negative energies that are filing your present life. The past life spiritual essence is called back to refresh your energy levels. Next to past life readings, comes the energy channels which are the second chakra. The second chakra is said to be the male and female sexual as well as emotional channels. The body energy levels need to be balanced in order to create a new insight in your daily life. The outdated memories are looked into, those which blocks your spirit and its journey and help you to recover. This helps to change your perspective of the world. For those who are far away, distance reading is offered by tuning into one’s telepathy and ask the spirit for their presence in the healer’s office/place. The Clairvoyant reading is started after the spirit is telepathically connected.

Written by
Rayna Setliff