There is always a new diet trending among fitness and health conscious people. These diets may workout for certain people and it is recommended that people with certain health conditions such chronic ailments such diabetes and heart related diseases should consult a medical practioner before joining the bandwagon, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers have to also consult their obestrician/gynaecologist before they attempt such diets. There many diets which your gym instructor of dietician  may suggest. It is always better to seek second opinion, as all body types don’t go well with certain kind of diets. Make use of the purefit keto shark tank .

How it is done

The keto diet or the ketogenic diet has been there for a long time and it was more used in the medical practice wherein this diet was recommended for people especially children suffering from epilepsy. This kind of diet reduced the number of seizures that the person would get. The diet was such that it would trick the body to use up the fat reserves for producing energy, along with the energy produces, certain ketone bodies were helpful in reducing the epileptic seizures the patient faced. The intake of less carbs and more fat, enough protein in the kind of meals that are to be consumed by the person keto diet.

The diet found takers in people who wanted to get rid of the fat in their body, as the process of using up the fat as energy got the people to use keto diet for obese people or who have had weight issues. Keto was accepted a whole lot more than other diets that were being used to lose weight because it was less strict in the food intake part wherein you don’t have to sacrifice a lot in terms of eating habits. Though this diet has its own set of side effects that you mustn’t neglect, and it need not happen to everyone and all the symptoms may vanish when you get used to it also, but if they persist, its better to the diet and go to the doctor and seek remedy.

How it affects the body

The side effects can be constipation, as there is a restriction of fluid intake by the person during the course of the diet, which in turn can lead to kidney stones. People have opted keto diet, now a days as a lifestyle choice and they feel it will be a good way to shed some flab. The intake of protein is usually for

  • Body growth
  • Repair of muscles and tissues

The keto diet ensures that there is enough protein going into the body so that the above functions go on unaffected. There is a classic version of the keto diet which was followed in the initial days by the paediatricians wherein the fat was four times more than the combined intake of carbs and protein. So, the person was told to increase the intake of nuts, cream and butter. Now there is the new version of the keto that is employed by many known as the MCT keto diet which uses coconut oil which does the work just the half the calorie intake, this will allow a greater food choice for the person.

Now keto diet has become a mainstream therapy which is recommended by many dieticians all over the world and followed by millions.

Written by
Rayna Setliff