Adblocker in Chrome is a content filtering program and adblock ing extension for all search engines like google chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. It helps its users to prevent advertisements from being displayed on their webpage.  Its primary purpose is to remove all intrusive advertisements to give a great browsing experience to its users. Adblocker on Chrome can be installed for free. All you need to install an adblock is just search for it in your search engine and click on Install option. If it is not directly installed, just follow the simple steps that appear on your screen and it will be installed on your device.

Why to block ads?

  1. One of the major reasons to block ad is to maintain internet speed. Auto played ads that appear on your web page consume a lot of data and the actual content you are trying to get will take more time to download. Several tests and surveys have proved that browsers with Adblockers allow 2x faster download of required data when compared to browsers that display ads with content. This saves a lot of data and time to the users.
  2. Next important reason to block ads is to avoid distractions. For most of the people time is money these days. People earn based on time. In such cases every minute matters a lot and people don’t prefer to waste their much valued time on ads that are irrelevant for them. That is why most of the people prefer to stay away from ads while browsing internet. They feel repeated ads may hamper their attention and divert their mood. So blocking ads helps to save attention, time and money.
  3. Some ads may be infectious with Virus or Malwares. Opening such ads may lead to infection of your devices which may be a great threat to the system. These Virus or malwares can spoil your system. When you accidentally open some illegal sites they may gather your personal information and misuse them. The threat of online frauds is always a major cause of concern. By blocking these ads users can overcome all the worries of frauds and browse tension free.
  4. In modern days children browse internet for school projects, games or use social Media a lot. When children browse internet parents are always forced to keep an eye on what their children are getting to see on the internet. Parents worry about the contents and ads that are displayed on the web. It is very important to keep children away from ads that are not for them. So choosing to block ads gives children a safe platform to browse and relives the worry of parents.


In spite of all the above said drawbacks online ads are an important part of marketing. They are very necessary to provide all the revenue required to support online business. Displaying great creative ads attract the users and create some positive impression about the website. Ads that are Non-intrusive in nature don’t disturb the users can always have more appeal to the users and avoid the need of ad blockers.

Written by
Rayna Setliff