We all are more familiar with Honu because it is the best platform to buy paddle sports accessories. If you want to paddle, there are some important things to check before you go. Weather: Windspeed and direction. Appropriate clothing and equipment. Kit-a fully inflated, sealed. The wind panel seat belt can accomplish or destroy any SUP session and is often overlooked. There are two considerations regarding wind direction and paddle strength. As the intensity of the wind increases, it becomes more difficult to navigate and overcome the wind, which means it is more difficult to control its direction. Most people paddle in a sheltered place, but when the wind blows from land to the ocean, the nearby water is blocked, but when it recedes, it usually becomes stronger. When there is a strong coastal wind, it may be difficult to return to land. The weather in Britain is changeable, even in midsummer the water temperature does not exceed 16°C. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy clothes suitable for hiking conditions, especially when going out. In the colder months.

SUP harness

Most surfboards come with a harness, which must be used every time you walk on the water. This will ensure that it cannot be separated from the table. The worst happened.

Has two types of harnesses:

Reel-This harness is designed to stretch when pulled (providing a safe space between the boards when falling) and fold into a compact shape when rowing. Pullover the water.

Standard: This is a normal line, similar to a belt on a surfboard. They are less likely to be confused when you move on the board. They crawl in the water but are usually lighter than fold lines.

Buoyancy equipment

When choosing buoyancy equipment, it must be correct and suitable for its purpose. You should be able to move comfortably while maintaining a perfect fit.


With a good wetsuit, you can extend your paddle tennis season from hot summer to cold winter. You can also add ankle boots, gloves, and a hood for going out in the winter.

Stand-up surfing accessories guide


A new wing sport is popular all over the world and can be a way to have fun. SUP on a windy day. When you add wings to the SUP, you will no longer rely on the wind, but you can use force to propel yourself forward. Read more here

Which SUP brand do I want?

King of Watersports only provides the highest quality surfboards in the industry. No matter which of our brands you choose, we guarantee that you will be happy and you will fall into the water. You can choose well-known brands or try new ones. We are sure that all our SUP brands provide the same excellent performance at the highest level.

How do I maintain my new SUP device?

After purchasing a new paddle surfing equipment, these guides will help you maintain it and extend its life. Store your SUP equipment away from sunlight, dryness, and shade. Put your surfboard and paddle in a protective bag to avoid damage.

Written by
Danette Linder