Pattern, is the world like English movie titles, right? Maybe it can be them. Furthermore detail is that repeat pattern design is an art. The surface is not surface when the surface is without the pattern. The pattern makes the surface more beautiful and finds attractive. Do you know what the pattern is or repeat pattern design? First of all you are all clear with that pattern is a design, right? The pattern is a design for decorating surfaces with the same or different or otherwise number elements in the same or different manner. This is repeat pattern design or otherwise, we can call it also a pattern. We are experiencing pattern design in our daily life. For example, home tiles, mobile wallpapers, book covers, gift wrappers, and there are many patterns like this. Do you think ever about this the attractiveness of the book covers? I am always attracted to them. I wondered and asked a friend about this attractiveness? He also has attractive about the book covers. We were discussing the reason behind this is.

Then we got an answer but the answer is very simple and that is a pattern. We found that the pattern lies inside the wrappers. Yes, they are using the same and different patterns to attract us. Patterns are making them more attractive. We see many pictures and posters on the book covers, right? Without assembling pictures or posters, how can they be attractive? Assembling is the major important thing in the pattern. Without assembly even our country is also not in a safe hand, right? Without avengers assemble, how can avengers kill Thanos? Yes, it is a film but we can take our point form wherever whether it is a film or not, ok? A sometimes the same pattern makes them attractive and beautiful. And a sometimes different pattern makes them attractive and beautiful. But sometimes combines patterns makes the surface or anything makes them more attractive and beautiful. We can tell the home tiles as a pattern also. We can see the many designs on tiles, right. It makes our home more beautiful and attractive.

Advantages of repeat patterns design:

  • Mostly textile users are using this method. It is called a repeat pattern design.
  • They want to make a repeat pattern design for printing without the break for printing dresses.
  • Repeat pattern design is more economical. Yes, it is more economical than other methods which we are using to make a design.
  • Repeat pattern design is user friendly and also it is eco-friendly.
  • Yes, this method is also possible for handmade. We can also make at even homemade too. We can call gift wrappers, book covers, and even home tiles also patterns, right? Look at the book covers. Is it possible to make it on our hands? Yes, this is possible. And even gift wrappers also.
  • Just conform to your thoughts and took the paper. Then draw your thoughts. Then cut half a paper and flip them. And then cut another half and tape them. Then assemble them. It makes a good pattern. I mean homemade pattern. Don’t forget about the importance of the assembly, right? Don’t think about the defects, ok? Just go with repeat pattern design.
Written by
Rayna Setliff