People want everything wants are always be the unlimited ones if without the wants wish and the many other things the human life doesn’t complete of it so the wants are be played the important role in the all human life we want to sacrifice the many things to fulfil the wants so we want money to sacrifice the wants all the wants are be not satisfied by the money only but the money is also the important factor to sacrifice the human wants because the wants are always never ends

The wants that are being satisfied by the money source

Human wants are many things if the person is be living in the poor life he wants the money and the many things to lead the moderate life if the moderate person wants money to improve the life as being richer than the old-time money is the ultimate source of the human we can satisfy all the things with the money for the example the things like the food house good name on others are be buy with the money but the main things are how we get invested in the correct way is the most important thing

We can build a big house and the indoors of houses are be made grandly and the with the good quality so the house is the common things for the human life the shelter is the basic need for the all the living organisms if the animals like the tiger lion are be livened in the forest and the birds build their own nest for the living and the fishes are being lived in the pond river sea ocean and the much more than wise the human wants the house as the essential things so these houses are the wants that are being satisfied by the way of the money

Food wants

If the person wants to live because of the food so we want the energy to do all the things so for generating energy we consume food for that so food is the main source of humans we can take the food to survive but many of them consume the food for the taste and the many of them consume the food for fashion we don’t have to consume the food for other convince we have taken food for convenience our hunger and our body so with the help of the money we can satisfy the food wants

Wants to be satisfied without money

There are be the many wants that are satisfied without the money that wants are be the golden wants love carrying affection taking care of others are be satisfied without the money so these wants are unvalued things without of these we can’t get the right mind love humans to give the humanity and greatness and mercy on others if the person gets sick we have to tack care of him so all these things are cannot purchase by the money and the important things is mother love and carrying is the must in all the human’s life the mother is the only person to satisfy his child wants in all the way so some wants are essential in life that are be not buy with the money

Written by
Leslie Mccanless