Proper dumping and creation of awareness, transportation, and collection are the methods of waste management. The landfill and incineration are the most common dumping methods which also conventional dumping methods too. There are three methods of waste disposal in the garbage. They are composting, fermentation, and burning. Through Вывоз строительного мусора website one can easily understand about the garbage removal and its needs. This is written in Russian language Вывоз строительного мусора, in English which means garbage removal or junk removal.

Only for the protection of the environment, the waste things are collected by the garbage man. We all are called them as an ugly, garbage man, etc, but this is not the right way to call them. Because they are not garbage cleaner they are a caretaker of the environment. Air and water are polluted by rubbish and waste. The harmful gases that mix with the air, it was done by the decomposing garbage. The dangerous waste can affect the living of human beings. This pollution can attack more children. The garbage can be stored and maintains it into some cans because garbage has bacteria and fungi. It may cause a deep fever.

Importance of waste management:

The important reason for waste management is to protect the surroundings and take care of people’s health and safety. Some waste can be too dangerous and it can pollute the environment. In Bangladesh, the waste organization project has been done at Green Channel for the fritter away difficulty. This project is mainly focused on the waste collection into cans and keeps away from people, the treatment the length of with a controlled. There are 3 types of waste such as liquid waste, dangerous waste, and organic waste.

  • To environmental hygiene is only by waste management.
  • On the global stage, the solid waste management can evaluate the problems.
  • The necessary for successful and valuable waste organizing policies.
  • It gives some importance to recycling waste management.
  • To reuse and recycle the plastics for essential protection.
  • Environmental impact on waste disposal.

Tamilnadu solid waste management:

In 2016, the solid waste management rules that the ministries of environment, forest and climate change are notified by the government of India. As for each rule, solid waste means solid. The local authority areas are,

Sanitary waste, commercial waste, market waste, street sweeping, agriculture and dairy waste, other non- residential wastes, bio-medical waste.

There are 12 corporations in Tamilnadu, 124 Municipalities and 528Town Panchayats. Per day there is 14,600 solid waste generation. 5000 TPD, 11 Corporation and all municipalities engender about 7600 TPD and Town Panchayats generates 2000 TPD by the greatest Chennai Corporation.

Rid of a large amount of garbage:

  • First, we find the place to locate the garbage management for the largest items.
  • The recycling method is used at this time if we use the product to recycle and create a new item.
  • Even if it’s old and disgusting.
  • The curb with a “free”.
  • Then we should contribute it and get it picked up to free.

The trash men were in danger when they are in the working because most hazardous things were around on the garbage while removing the wastage. So we all solute to those are working as trash men or women.

Written by
Kristel Nice