garage doors taunton is very famous and it’s full of good quality and they are best in exporting those doors to all over the world the people in Taunton are very fond of exporting those doors this was their business for running their life

Garage doors in India

In India, there are many manufactures of the garage doors in the country but they could not even match the quality of the Taunton dealers  they always had a second-grade quality used here because of failure of quality but the demands of good quality of garage doors are increased so the business people here are decided to import the good quality from Taunton so some business people formed a group here and decided to visit the dealers directly there around 500 business people joined together as an association and decided in that association my elder brother is also a part of that group

Dealers visit

There they choose 5 members to visit Taunton in the United Kingdom and my elder brother was  one among them and visited Taunton it is a very good place to visit full of tall building and forest surrounded by the many famous places like museum park Hester combo house and gardens and castle lodge and st mary Magdalene church and many more then they visited the dealers place of manufacturing of garage doors as a factory that is so amazing to see that factory because very big and wonderful pieces of machinery to give good moulding and that people are so good they explained everything about their manufacturing and the working of machines and like what kind of technology they use there for moulding and all everything that was explained very humble

They are very good in treating people then they signed an agreement to give the fully designed garage with comparatively low price as a wholesale business for a country because India is a biggest populated country and developing country when compared with other developed country and India peoples are very good in maintaining the relationship as well as business with the Indian dealers who would love to do business with them

Return to India

Then those 5 members returned back successfully with their business then the very next day the association gathered and informed all the things happened there to the people who didn’t experience it everyone wished to go there and some pictures taken there about their manufacturing and machines and also what kind of technology they used everything for creating those garage doors perfectly was displayed in the screen for the people who are not visited that Taunton then they finally came for the discussion of price because the dealers from Taunton gave a maximum discount in the price as they need the dealings with the country India so they gave but people who distribute the garage doors will have a huge market price to sell in market because they have to find profit from all the sides as they are responsible for shipping the door pieces and then they finally decide the price in that particular association members are only allowed to sell that within the country and that should be within the fixed price everyone agreed to do the same

Written by
Kristel Nice