Archery tag is the game of very famous in Singapore. It is the game which is very suitable for students, and these games were easy to build their skills. By this, they can be easily able to develop their qualities and they can able to develop the extra activities which make them more useful in their future. These games are more intellectual and which these games required more concentration and their punctuation is more important in that game. archery tag  is an essential game in their countries. Some games make the students and players were to be more active.

Like a coin, there are both sides which are positive and negative. Because in this game there are some good things and bad things which happen have to balance their body health and to maintain their immunity power and to keep their health active. Some things happen while playing the games, and they have to be more active, and they concentrate on their games, and the essential rule is to follow that the students have to more concentrate while playing.

Advantages of archery tag:

  1. These are the safer games, and this may be more helpful and keeps them active.
  2. These games are safer while playing, and these conscious games.
  3. The positive things are to be safer, and it helps to build their extra-curricular activities.
  4. Archery is the game type, which may help the students to be active and be punctual in the games.
  5. Archery is the model of building our personality skills, among them leadership qualities, by playing the games.
  6. The tag is made between the two teams, and they have to interact with the teams.
  7. These are the games which may be very useful for the school students and the persons who were working in some multinational companies.

These are the advantages of the games and which makes them more active and keeps them happier, and they will not take their time useless, and they are very interacting with others. These interaction makes them be happier and be active after finishing the games, and till they were playing that game at next time.

Disadvantages of archery tag: 

  1. It will happen once or twice in the year.
  2. It is the game which was very useful for the school students, which helps to develop concentration on a particular thing.
  3. Playing games is not essential; instead, they have to learn something by that game is essential.
  4. All those people were eager to play the game, but some will choose the particular things to avoid or do in the game, which may reduce their qualities while playing it.
  5. Instead of paying, some will regret this type of game because of their laziness and not interested in it.
  6. Playing is not crucial in that game interaction, and uniqueness is also essential, but some of the people will not do these both things while playing the game.

These are the disadvantages of the games and some points that people or persons didn’t get or acquire knowledge about it.

Written by
Danette Linder