Canned pate food is very palatable and appreciated by dogs. On the other hand, it has a number of disadvantages. The mash promotes, in particular, the appearance of tartar on the teeth. While the croquettes limit it thanks to a natural and mechanical action of friction on the teeth during chewing. Food in cans is much more expensive than food in the form of kibbles. The conservation of the mash is also shorter. With 강아지 사료 추천 now you can have all kinds of supports.


Croquettes offer many advantages:

  • They keep longer than mash
  • They are less expensive
  • Better for your dog’s oral health, chewing kibble allows a massage of the teeth and gums. In the long term, the deposit of tartar on the teeth is less important than on a dog that eats only meats.

Veterinarian’s recommendation: Diet is a determining factor in the health of your dog. We therefore strongly advise you to feed it in the form of kibble, premium quality and adapted to its needs age, breed size, activity level, and specific condition such as being overweight.

A protein-rich diet is beneficial for your dog’s health on several levels: proteins promote muscle development, help control the dog’s weight, encourage good kidney function, promote the beauty of the skin and coat, participate in the maintenance of immunity, etc. If your dog maintains good muscles and optimal weight, he will also be less prone to experience joint pain when he gets older, especially if he is a large dog.

Cereals: yes but not too much.

Dogs have adapted to the presence of wheat or corn in their food but their ability to digest the starch from cereals the main digestible carbohydrate remains limited. In puppies and many adult dogs, digestion is disturbed when the level of food starch is too high. In addition, excess carbohydrates can promote weight gain.


Despite the diversity of canine breeds, all dogs share the majority of their genes with the wolf and like him, remain carnivorous animals. If your dog is very active, a food rich in fat will allow him to replenish his energy reserves. On the other hand, if he is rather sedentary or sterilized, help him to keep the line by limiting excess fat.

Buying food from your veterinarian is a guarantee of quality: it is the first concern with the health of your animal and best placed to offer you the food that suits it best among those available on the market.

You would think that, as their name suggests, organic dog food is made exclusively from organic ingredients. However, this is far from always being the case. This type of kibble can indeed only contain a selection of organic ingredients. To obtain AB organic certification, kibble must be made exclusively from products from organic farming and farming: meat from animals that have eaten food without pesticides and fertilizers, fruits and vegetables without GMOs.

How to decipher the composition of organic dog food?

If you want to offer organic food to your dog, take the time to examine the composition of his new kibbles. You can start by checking that the organic label concerns the croquettes themselves, and not some ingredients. It is also important to check the detail of the composition. In particular, check the carbohydrate content, which is often too high.

Written by
Leslie Mccanless