Leather is a tough and adaptable material made by tanning creature rawhide and skins. The most well-known crude material is cattle hide.  The utilization of stows away and skins, tanned or untanned, as helpful articles have been with us for a great many years.

The Oxford Dictionary alludes to cowhide as “material produced using the cover-up or skin of a creature by tanning”. Tanning, in straightforward terms, alludes to the treatment of crude stows away and skins with tanning substances to deliver the material safe to bacterial assault, ie to create cowhide. Extra changes presented during the time spent tanning are auxiliary and are identified with the tanning and retanning synthetic substances utilized. Nowadays most of us use leather articles, some of the institutions are conducting leather craft workshop . In this workshop, students can know about the different steps in leather manufacturing and various leather techniques like dyeing, painting etc.


The leather is used to make the skins and as well as rawhides. It is delivered in a wide assortment of types and styles and brightened by a wide scope of strategies. Leather utilization has gone under analysis in the twentieth and 21st centuries. Few of leather products are listed below.

  1. Belt
  2. Wallet
  3. Portfolio case
  4. pet accessories
  5. mobile case
  6. ladies handbags
  7. watch bands
  8. men & women accessories
  9. footwear etc.,


The utilization of colours conveyed by solvents or water into the pores of the leather. It can be applied to tooled or untooled leather, either for even hue or to feature certain regions. For instance, application to a tooled piece can bring about pooling out of sight zones giving complexities and profundity.


In case you’re tired out on the shade of your leather garments, handbags, furniture, or shoes, you might need to paint them an alternate shading. It’s significant that when you paint leather you use acrylic paint leather made for calfskin. In the event that you clean and prep the leather, select the correct paint, and utilize a leather finisher, you can paint an old leather thing a totally unique shading without harming the leather itself.

The paint which is said to be as acrylic, a medium which is said to be as tooled with the help of afterwards, cardboard or it is said to be as wood, confined.


Leather carving involves the utilizing of metal executes to pack dampened leather to give a dimensional  impact.


Leather stamping includes the utilization of formed executes (stamps) to make an engraving onto a calfskin surface, regularly by hitting the stamps with a mallet.


Leather shaping or moulding comprises of absorbing a bit of leather in water to incredibly expand malleability and afterwards moulding it by hand or with the utilization of items or even shape as structures. As the leather dries it solidifies and holds its shape. Cutting and stepping might be done before or subsequent to embellishment. Embellishment has gotten famous among specialists whose specialities are identified with a dream, goth/steampunk culture and cosplay just as those intrigued by more exemplary styling of bags and household things.


An enlivening strategy that is utilized to interface two sheets of leather or to brighten them.


Pyrography (pyrogravure) on leather is the craft of utilizing a hot needle to make a drawing on leather. Affected by heat the leather takes on more obscure shades which therefore become a total picture.

Written by
Kristel Nice