There are many ways you can make audience hooked to their seats. But the Mark Cury way is little different, according to known sources. There should be an element of seriousness while penning humour. It cannot be handled so easily without experience. Even experienced ones cannot handle comedy with care unless there is that minute scale of difference between one and the other. This means each artist’s rendering should be unique. The substantial elements in each play have to be more decisive and far more approachable to the audience’s instinct. There should be a clear classification of genre, period, time and target audience. Then only the script can work wonders like the mark curry lawsuit .

Some ways you can make your humour work best:

  • The period of the drama, the set, the actors everything are an art of narration of the story. So give a detailed eye to minute details also like doors, hair dress, and equipment everything. These are some things that can be worked out even if artists fail to render up to the mark.
  • You need to take care of the artists you want to cast. For a script that revolves around love and romance you would not want a middle age person even though he/she is experienced.
  • Let your script do the speaking sometimes. With just great expressions and NO TALKING scenes the drama can do rounds among audience. You can make a scene come out roaring even with minimum dialogues with just one liners. That is the power of punch liners.
  • Do the script work yourself to ensure that everything goes in accordance to your wish. If two or more people are involved then it creates unnecessary troubles if there is mismatch of ideas. Do the work yourself and ask for suggestions. It is easy to make changes than to completely assign work to someone.
  • There should be ideal placing and pitching of dialogues. You would not want actors to unnecessarily deliver words when there can be just music or sound that can represent the scene. Sometimes silence should be the language. Do not stuff your script with too many words.
  • The best outcome cannot pop out without good critics. Show your ideas to one of favourite critics, be it your friend, fellow artist, junior or even a cocktail server. If you think they can give a feedback, don’t feel egoistic even if it is your junior.
  • If you observe HANGIN’ WITH MR.COOPER by Mark Curry you can find that the last episodes eventually became more progressive and better expressive. As you progress, so you learn.
  • Keep your earlier failures as your lessons and try to get better in every stage. The cast ,crew, technicians, actors, make-up artists all should fall in place in order to bring out the best of a play.

The 1997 show of HANGIN with MR.COOPER is still watched as all time best comedy shows even now because of the complete package of every minute and essential things requitred for a play.

Written by
Buena Athas