Meet the uniquely designed artificial intelligence that executes commands same like Humans. Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about TRiBot software developmental tool that performs botting with proxy scripts under the proxy server which is not anti-ban. The first thing to access and run RuneScape botting for All, Old School and RS3 is it should support your device only then you can do OSRS bot . To access its tools and services your system should be built with Windows, Mac OS or Linux that will support this software which was found by TRiLeZ, to ease the tasks of consumers online and help them fetch more money to stay benefited. This software is easy to use and manage on any desktop and mobile as its apps can be downloaded and installed on any Android and iOS device. But before getting registered into this site it is recommended to go for a free trial where the consumer is offered free scripts to run on the cloud and can even allow them to make their own scripts. Just click on the tab of TRiBot Repository where you can get additional scripts to purchase from free to VIP Extended at affordable prices.

TRiBot Scripts for OSRS

TRiBot an artificial intelligence software bot suits both for desktop and OSRS mobile bot. It can be accessed by the consumer in three forms such as Free, VIP and VIP Extended.

  • Free: It allows the consumer to access the scripts for the duration of 2 hours for every 3 days and is free. It also allows them to purchase premium scripts to run one at a time. If any doubts get the help of their 24/7 community support team.
  • VIP: It provides an unlimited amount of free scripts for clients to perform botting that run at any time. If you finished you free bots then best buy premium scripts that are offered at the price of $6.50/mo. To create your own scripts get full assistance of the community staff support 24/7.
  • VIP Extended: The client can avail its scripts for free or go for VIP. Get started to access this software unlimited amount of scripts. The client can also access the individual scripts up to 3 that run concurrently on their device. If possible, implement their experimental features: Looking-glass that allows the client to bot via a 3rd party with excellent performance that varies from one script to another and not supports the available scripts. The other feature is the Human-Mouse Movement that can be accessed for short duration due to global limitation usage. Before going for it go with their trial pack that is available at $8.00/mo.


Hanson this artificially designed software tool to play the game online that works with OSRS that is suitable to run on any Windows, Mac OS or Linux desktop and RS featured mobile. It is easy to run and manage unlimited scripts that run on the cloud. Make sure you are using a proxy server for avoiding anti-ban on the game to make more money. Do visit the website of to know more about this tool and avail the support of community team who are dedicated to work 24/7 who or mail them a message or click on their forum to post your comment.

Written by
Rayna Setliff