Over the past few decades, cinema has penetrated all spheres of human culture. It is a means of culture, education, propaganda and a way to spend your free time. According to some estimates, the influence of cinema on people’s minds exceeds the influence of newspapers and books combined. That’s why Movies123 gives you a platform where you can watch movies from different part of the world under one website.

Cinema has a tremendous impact on all sectors of the economy.

In 2009 alone, over 6.8 billion cinema tickets were sold worldwide which is comparable to the population of the entire world, which represents a world income of over 30 billion US dollars. In the same year, cumulative sales of DVD and Blu-Ray in the United States alone, Canada and the European Union amounted to $ 32.5 billion, or more than 1.1 billion products sold. And if you take into account television, re-watching movies from your home collection or video distribution, as well as huge sales of film products on the black market, the numbers will become even more impressive.

However, cinema has a deeper impact on society than just the development of the economy. Visual stimulation can cause a whole range of different emotional states. The joint experience of these emotions when watching a film can serve as a safe environment for us to experience those roles and emotions that we do not allow ourselves to experience elsewhere. The fact that we do not indulge in this alone, but in the company of other people, makes this experience enjoyable and at the same time controlled. So, watching a movie together can be an expressive personal experience, a way to have fun and therapy at the same time.

Cinema is an incredible form of art where everyone will find something for themselves.

This is a great way to escape briefly into another reality. Modern technologies in cinema allow making cinematographic reality extremely bright and realistic. However, there are areas that specialize in creating a completely new reality. One of them is the animation, known to us from childhood, or, as it is now called, animated film and one of the now very popular areas of animated film is anime (short for “animation”).

The style of anime appeared at the beginning of the last century in Japan, and for a long time anime films were produced exclusively for the Japanese and only in the Land of the Rising Sun. But lately, anime has won the hearts of millions of game lovers around the world. Anime movies are translated into many languages. A whole generation of western audiences has grown up on anime films and is now raising their children for them.

Just like animation, anime is not a genre as such. Rather, it is a description of how the material is produced. Anime films, like films of other cinematic trends, are in the genres of comedy, drama, science fiction, adventure, horror, and so on.

What is so attractive anime?

Anime does not look like other cartoons. The first thing that catches your eye is probably the graphics. Huge eyes, brightly colored hair, curvaceous female silhouettes and enhanced facial expressions and gestures are all distinctive features of anime style. Often anime touches more serious topics than familiar cartoons. The stories they tell often have a truly epic scope: sometimes they go on for dozens or even hundreds of episodes.

Written by
Rayna Setliff