A hat is a special hat that almost from the moment of its appearance served not only to protect from the sun but also to demonstrate the status of its owner. The first mention of hats as a sign of social status dates back to Ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs put on a special striped scarf Kraft, or Nemesunder the crown. The rest of the Egyptians wore a plant fiber wig. Its size spoke of the status of the owner: the larger the wig, the higher the status. You can go to the store with the trump hat now.

The story of one detail: how the hat came about

The prototype of all modern hats has become popular in ancient times felt hat petasos. It is very similar to the boater hat, which is regaining popularity these days. Petasos served exclusively practical purposes he protected his owners from rain, sun and wind. It often depicted the hero of ancient mythology, the messenger of the gods Hermes.

The hat, especially the female one, underwent many changes throughout the history of mankind, taking the most bizarre forms. But as a result of all these transformations, the men’s headdress has acquired several types, which either go out of fashion or reappear at its peak. Here are the basic styles of hats, some of which can be found today:

  • Cocked hat
  • Cylinder
  • Bowler hat
  • Trilby and Fedora
  • Boater
  • Borsalino

The story of one detail: how the hat came about

A cocked hat appeared thanks to the Spaniards and the French in the 18th century and was especially popular with patriots during the Civil War in America, as well as with pirates. A lot of evidence of this can be found on the pages of historical novels of those times and in illustrations to them. Hacking a window to Europe, the fashion for triangles in Russia was brought by the famous reformer Tsar Peter I.

The phrase “crazy hatter” is quite justified. The fact is that mercury was used in the manufacturing process of feeling. Constant exposure to this harmful metal causes dementia and memory loss.

The story of one detail: how the hat came about

The cylinder that appeared a little later from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century gained popularity all over the world. British police used sealed cylinders to protect against possible attacks. And a little later the “hat” was invented a cylinder folding into an accordion. He allowed getting rid of the inconvenience caused by the oversized size of this fashionable hat. When folded, it could be handed over to the wardrobe, for example, or folded for storage in a closet.

And yes, it was this name that later became the name of the heroine of the famous Soviet cartoon. This cunning old woman, according to the footage, always wore it only when folded. This design feature also attracted all sorts of magicians and magicians to this model of a man’s headdress, who enjoyed using it to surprise the public. These have not seen a rabbit, pigeons or endless garlands of scarves being pulled out of a cylinder.

Written by
Leslie Mccanless