Every BMW driver wants first of all one thing: to make his car look as long as possible, like on the day of purchase. Dealers BMW AutomotiveChemicals, make an important contribution to the preservation of consumer properties of cars. The product range includes ColorSystem products, care products, and maintenance materials and aids. For the bmw service hours this is the best bit.

Body repair

Strict quality requirements happen to beinflicts on BMW body repair, so it use to beexecuted by top qualified BMW service experts. Whether it happens to bea large body repair or a little dent – thanks to the most of the advanced technologies of repair and restoration using unique BMW parts, the car takes on its imaginative appearance and use to meet all the safety prerequisites imposed on BMW cars at the time of crash tests. The ideal combination of inventive technologies and exceptional experience happens to ensure that, after the car repairs, your BMW car is again fully operational and meeting all the safety requirements.

Paint work

You contact the BMW paint shop when, after damage to the paintwork, you need to restore the look of your car, which should look like new. The work is done using environmentally friendly water-based materials from the BMW ColorSystem. BMW service specialists do not accidentally use BMW ColorSystem products. This innovative painting system allows you to create a paintwork that is identical to the original, gives excellent results for all surfaces and is therefore used in the performance of all warranty works. And, in addition, BMW ColorSystem saves the environment by reducing harmful emissions from the use of organic solvents.

Cosmetic care and repair

During the refurbishment of BMW and the care of your car, BMW service experts can easily eliminate minor damages to the body and paintwork that arise in everyday life. BMW redecorating is done quickly, accurately and at the high level you expect from BMW. Our experienced technicians repair minor damage to the body, paint chips, damage to interior trim parts or windshield chips. Thanks to this, your BMW always preserves its original appearance, its consumer value and gives pleasure to its owner. In addition, a wide range of original car care products allows you to maintain the brilliance of your BMW. Try it yourself – you will be convinced of the high quality of professional redecorating and care products for your BMW.

Removing dents

After eliminating dents on BMW technology, your car looks like new. Hail, bad parking or hooliganism can cause small dents. With the help of special BMW technology, these damage can be removed without subsequent painting and high costs. Thanks to innovative repair technology, BMW service staff can easily and inexpensively restore the original shape of the surface with bumps or dents. Maintain the perfect look and keep your car’s value – give BMW specialists the opportunity to remove small dents and give your BMW an original look.

BMW dent repair technology is particularly effective at removing dents or bumps with sizes up to 60 mm, when the original paintwork is intact.

The advantages of choosing the official BMW service:

  • The official service has all the necessary equipment for repair and diagnostics, designed for BMW cars;
  • All work is carried out only by qualified service workers who regularly attend advanced training courses and have extensive experience in working with different BMW models;
  • only original spare parts are used in the work, which are designed taking into account the features of each model and fully comply with high standards and BMW requirements;
  • official service values ??its reputation and the reputation of the entire BMW AG concern, therefore, it will never allow itself poor-quality service even in small things.
Written by
Leslie Mccanless