Parking space is a place that is designated for parking. It may be a parking garage, parking lot on a city or street.  Space may be road surface markings. Based on the location parking space the time allowed to park may be fixed by regulations, fees maybe need to use the parking space. Various forms of automation techniques are used to charge motorists for the use of a parking lot. In parking, click the button to ticket raise, and pull the ticket, and the barrier will open then entering into the lot. For motorized vehicles, there is three commonly used arrangement for Car parking parallel parking, perpendicular parking, Angle parking, Double parking.  Some types in Double parking, those are double parking in on-street, Double parking in parking garages with attendees, parking on more than one parking space. The above-mentioned car parking techniques are paid. It is also known as rental car parking. Let us brief the car parking for rent,

Parallel parking,

Parking your car in the line with the other cars parallel to the curb, front bumper to the last bumper is parallel parking. Parallel parking regularly occurs on the side of the road where there are no parking facilities since it leaves enough room for the traffic pass. Parallel parking is taken the issue to some people because it requires certain techniques various than driving right into with parallel parking you first park your car next to the car you are parallel parking on. The car that is in front of the parking space you want to park your car. If the car is larger place your car a bit further back. If another car is smaller move a little more inside the front of that car.

Perpendicular Parking:

Which means parking the car side by side, perpendicular to a wall, restriction, or something else. This type of parking mostly bays and garages, because you can park many cars on allocated space.

Angle Parking:

It is similar to the perpendicular parking, excluding the cars that are aligned in an angle. Usually, the angle is aligned with the direction cars approach the parking space. It creates it a lot easier to drive into the parking space in contrast to perpendicular parking, where the parking space is at a 90-degree angle. With angle parking, there is a gentler turn. Not only is it easier to park, but it also speeds and the parking spaces are lesser, creating it possible to increase more parking spaces in the same size area. Usually, you see angle paring inside parking garages and on streets that are broad enough to have room left for the traffic to pass.

Double Parking:

Which means someone has parked their car in a certain way that provides another car from departing. Double parking can happen in various situation,

Double parking on street:

This parking is illegal and you can get fined for it. Double parking on the street which means that you park our car parallel to another car that is parked next to the curb. Double parking in this situation means that the car parked next to the curb does not depart because it is blocked by your car, and frequently your car also blocks the traffic flow.

Written by
Buena Athas